Look Amazingly Chic: How to Braid Your Hair Into a Pretty Flower

1. You can create this hairstyle with straight or curly hair.
2. I prefer it with curls, so start with making the curls! Use a heat protectant and curl enhancing product first and then section off your hair to make it easier to curl.
3. Begin with curling the bottom half of your hair. After you finish, curl the upper half. If your hair curls easily, take medium sections of hair using a medium size curling iron. If it is more difficult for your hair to hold a curl, take smaller sections of hair.
4. After you finish the curls, mist with a light hairspray to make the curls last.
5. Gently separate the curls with your fingers.
6. For a bit of volume, lightly tease the hair at your crown.
7. Take a piece of hair from the front, just above the ear. Make sure the hair is long enough for the braid. You may need to take more than just the fringe if the hair is a bit shorter than the rest.
8. Now create a normal three-strand braid and secure the end with an elastic.
9. Pull the braid apart a bit for added volume. Do the same on the other side!
10. Secure the two braids in the back with a small elastic.
11. Pull the braids a bit so the volume you created at the crown will stay.
12. With the end of your teasing comb or with your fingers, pull the hair above the braids up for extra volume.
13. Gently take the elastics off the ends of the braids.

14. Now create one new braid. Before you secure it with an elastic, pull one side out to create the “flower”.  About seven “pulls” will be enough.
15. Secure the braid with a small elastic band, preferably in the same color as your hair.
16. Now twist the hair around the base of the flower braid with the pulled out part on the outside.
17. Secure it with a bobby pin from underneath to up on the back of the braid.
18. For extra security, use one more bobby pin and cross it over the first one.

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