Make a chic and elegant chignon

Airy Curl Styler Beauty Hair Make Up Curling Tool$6.46 ($1.29 / 10 Items)
How To Style :
Step 1 : you will need a can of hair spray, comb, different sizes of bobby pins & and a hair band.
Step 2 : curl the ends of the hair.
Step 3 : lightly tease crown of head and set with hair spray.
Step 4 : brush over the teased hair with a flat brush.
Step 5 : make sure the top of your hair is smooth and set with hair spray again.
Step 6 : tie your hair into a low pony tail & add some volume by lightly pulling the hair up with the end of brush.
Step 7 : re-tie the hair again, but this time don't pull your hair entirely through the band.
Step 8 : cover the hair band with the remaining hair and use bobby pins to secure the chignon.
Step 9 : set with hair spray & be very generous with it!

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