Instructions To Apply Hair Tinsel

Instructions To Apply Hair Tinsel :

1. Fold tinsel strand in half
2. Pinch folded tinsel about 3 inches from the top to create a loop and hanging tail
3. With your opposite hand, reach through the loop and pull the tail of strands through to create a basic slip knot
4. Slide the knot through no more than 3 pieces of hair and pull the knot tight at the base so that it seals at the scalp
5. Gather both the tinsel ends in one hand and the strands of hair in your other hand and make a simple knot at the base of the hair shaft and release

6. Pick up tinsel ends and pull in opposite directions till you feel tension. A flat knot should sit on the scalp while the hair tinsel and strands fall from the scalp in unity
7. For simple, one night occasions, forgo the double knot application and stop right after creating the first slip knot
Instructions To Apply Hair Tinsel
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